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Sharon Adyero
Age 19

Birthday: September 24, 1994

Sharon Adyero lives in a village in Masindi, Uganda with her mother and siblings. Her father died when she was young and her mother struggles provide for her children being a peasant farmer.

Sharon is currently in her last year of Secondary School. Her favorite subject is Agriculture. In her free time she likes run a small side business to raise money. When she finishes school she would like to become a Senior Agricultural Officer. (After secondary school she will be eligible to attend college. Program options would be discussed with the sponsor. Amount of sponsorship would be higher.)


Siriman Kambugu
Age 12

Birthday: July 28, 2011

Siriman Kambugu lives in a slum outside Kampala, Uganda with his mother and siblings. His mother makes very little money selling tomatoes in the market.

Siriman is currently in primary school. His favorite subject in school is reading. When he is not in school he enjoys playing football. When Siriman finishes school, he wants to become a doctor.